Create a global innovation hub dedicated to cultivate and strengthen responsible creative-mindsets for circular consumption & production


Foster creative-mindsets for human-inclusive circular-innovation that enable the systemic achievement of local and global sustainability agendas


We want to help 729K creative-mindsets to effectively enable circular innovation and the  acceleration of the systemic transition to a CIRCULAR ECONOMY, supporting local governments achieve their circularity goals, aiming to reach
    -Circular SDGs in 2030
     -100% circularity by 2050s

We are a circular innovation ecosystem (hub) of creative-mindsets leading the transition to a human-inclusive circular economy

[SaaS] A digital platform for capacity building and innovation assisted by A.I. Engine (e-Learning)

[SaaS] Multidisciplinary Data-Driven Smart e-Tools for Circular Innovation

(Smart Applications)

[SaaS] Next generation     e-Games & e-Simulations for serious playing

(e-learning by e-playing)

[PaaS] Product as a Service

R&D Circular Innovation [ Nano-Technology ] to solve water scarcity, waste management (plastics) and creation of new materials (constryction). In Progress, forecasted deployment 2023.


MATRIX-Q METHOD = Human + Technology = Success + Human Potential Unleashed

Circular Economy (1)
Linear Economy1


  • Creative-MindSet
  • Adventure
  • Smart disruption
  • Working happily remotely
  • Human inclusive technology
  • Tech for good
  • Inclusivity
  • Well-being obsession
  • Diversity

  • Multidisciplinary

  • Systemic impact

  • Data-driven

  • Leadership & entrepreneurship

  • Long life learning by playing

  • Adaptation & resilience

  • Human potential unleashed

  • Circular Thinking
  • SDG2030 Advocate

  • Climate Action
  • Nature Inspired

  • Positive Impact /FootPrint Reduction
  • Innovation-Driven
  • Trapped-Value Released

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